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How it all began

Several cat lovers with many years’ rescue experience and a shared vision for London cats formed L.I.C.K. to merge resources to help kitties in need, especially those overlooked and in the most need of medical attention and long-term fostering.
All of us are based in East and North London where we do most of our work but we also help in other parts of the Capital and we work alongside with charities inside and near London. 

L.I.C.K.'s vision for london cats

  • Every inner city kitty living in a loving home

  • No feral cats foraging for food

  • No pets abandoned to die on the streets

HOW L.I.C.K. helps London cats

  • Taking in abandoned pets and rehoming them after they have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms.

  • Trapping feral cats and rehoming them on farms or in stables through our partnering charities.

  • Convincing pet owners that a neutered cat is happier and healthier.  All our adult cats offered for adoption are neutered.

  • Taking in cats that have been injured in the streets by foxes, cars or humans.

  • Finding new homes for cats whose owners have died or can no longer care for them.

L.I.C.K. is a no-kill charity

All the cats that come into our care receive veterinary treatment and will only be put down if their suffering cannot be alleviated. Please consider making a donation to help us cover our vet bills.

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