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A white cat called Pamuk, dressed in a camouflage outfit, is lying on the back of a white sofa with his eyes closed.

Please consider the following before applying to adopt:

We will communicate via email, so make sure to check your SPAM or 'Promotions' folder in your email for any communication from us. You will receive an email to confirm we have received your application once submitted. 

We are an INDOOR first cat rescue and we DON'T rehome single kittens.

Out of consideration to our very small volunteer teams it is important that you read the points below carefully before submitting an ADOPTION APPLICATION form:

  • Thoroughly read our guide for newly adopted kitties to have realistic expectations of the responsibility of owning a kitty.

  • Please familiarise yourself with our FAQs to learn more about the adoption process and our response times.

  • For kittens, we adopt in pairs of kittens and in the second instance, those who already have a young cat. Kittens homed on their own risk having behavioural issues when they grow up like bitting and scratching. 

  • Young cats will be looked to be rehomed to a home with another cat.

  • Be sure that you are ready to adopt and do not apply on whim out of consideration to our very small adoptions volunteering team.

  • Think if you are ready for a commitment of looking after a kitty for many years to come (including during their senior years), cats can live 16+ years.

  • Make sure you have permission in writing on your rental or lease to have pets before applying.

  • Only submit one application, if you wish to update it, message us via Instagram, Facebook or email and let us know which kitty you like.

  • Ensure you have specified what kitties you are interested in, including your previous experience so we can get a sense of you and your home to try to find the best fit.

  • We are an indoor first rescue. Cats should be kept indoors at all times (unless you have a catio or cat proofed garden) join this group for ideas, please read our FAQs for more information. We will require all homes to be cat proofed. This applies to kittens as well.

  • Terms apply to all adoption applications. You will have to provide full paperwork and necessary proof as part of the process.

  • Please keep in mind that we will not be able to provide vaccinations at this time.

We have received hundreds of applications so we won't be able to get back to everyone individually, please read our FAQs to familiarise yourself with our process.

Kitties for adoption

Please note that most ages are approximations as we don't always have the kitty's medical history. If a cat is no longer on this page it means that the kitty has been adopted or could have temporarily been removed. This page is the most up-to-date place for the cats we have up for adoption.

72e17cee-9a66-449b-abb7-0c52c6d4bc95 (1).jpg


2 months / females / indoor

Meet our adorable duo: a pair of irresistibly cute kittens with snowy white fur adorned with charming black accents.

These two are the perfect combination of playful curiosity and affectionate cuddles. Always ready for an adventure, they explore their surroundings with boundless energy and enthusiasm, making every moment a delightful experience.

After a day full of fun, they love nothing more than snuggling up together for some cozy cuddle time. If you're looking to add double the love and joy to your home, these two are the perfect match!

Adopt this loving pair and let your home be filled with their playful spirit and endless cuddles!



4 years / male / indoor

Kyro is a very sweet kitty who has formed a great bond with his fosterers. Most of the time he keeps to himself but if he’s in the mood for cuddles, he will come and approach you for them. He’s a very affectionate boy and will (adorably) greet you at the door when you return home. He has also picked up a habit of following his fosterers around the house to make sure they’re okay!


He is a hungry boy and will try to eat all kinds of food left accessible to him, so he will need a home with a closing door to the kitchen, as well as a careful and attentive adopter who can ensure he doesn't accidentally eat any toxic human food.


Kyro has had a few health issues in the past but after a few negative tests and scans, his health seems to have improved on its own. Despite this, he may still require an insurance that covers pre-existing conditions just to be on the safe side.


He is quite a playful cat, and sometimes he will attack feet because he sees them as prey, so he will need an adopter that is patient and able to encourage positive behavioural changes.


He is looking for a home without children and with previous experience dealing with behavioural issues in kitties. He could use going to a home with another young cat for company, but he can also be adopted on his own since he's quite confident.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 17.19.49.png
Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 17.19.49.png


9.5 years / female / indoor

The Sassy Queen with a Soft Side!


Lichfield is a regal and independent feline who embodies the perfect blend of sass and sweetness.


Lichfield is a true queen of her domain. She’s got a sassy streak that’s sure to keep you entertained and on your toes. While she’s not a typical lap cat, she’ll happily sit next to you on the sofa, making biscuits on any soft surface. In the evenings, she reveals her affectionate side by curling up on her foster’s chest whilst in bed and purring herself to sleep.

You’ll always know what’s on Lichfield's mind because she’s quite the talker, especially during meal prep time, and will let you know when she's awake and wants to be let into the bedroom in the mornings.


Though she enjoys her independence, Lichfield also cherishes those quiet moments of connection. She’s not overly playful but enjoys occasional bursts of energy, particularly with a simple piece of string, ignoring those fancy cat toys.

Lichfield can be a bit unsure around new people and may take some time to warm up, so a patient and understanding home would be best. She’s prone to the occasional hiss if she’s had enough attention or needs her space, but she’s never bitten or scratched. An experienced cat owner who can read her signals—like the telltale flicking tail—would be perfect for her.

If you’re looking for a cat with personality, independence, and a hidden cuddly side, Lichfield might just be your perfect match. She’s ready to find her forever home where she can rule as the queen she is, with someone who understands and loves her unique spirit.

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 12.10.55.png
Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 12.10.55.png


12 years / male / indoor

When Barnes arrived, he was a bit of a scruff who didn’t really know how to Cat properly. However, he has blossomed - he likes nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa or bed. He recently LOVES to chase a feather or kill a catnip mouse and has perfected the ancient cat art of settling down to sleep on your keyboard when you’re trying to work!

He’s very sociable - he really likes people and has never been the hiding type - and he loves anyone who will sit with him and give him head scratches. He’ll sit on your lap with the right encouragement and will happily snuggle up with you in bed if you tell him it’s ok.

He’s definitely a people person, and has no problem being poked and handled.

He’s got a bit of a sensitive stomach and is currently eating special gastro-intestinal food and probiotic powders, which seem to help. He also favours a dual litter tray strategy, but that’s fairly easy to deal with!

Honestly, he’s the perfect pet - aside from being hungry (which he will definitely tell you about), he’s extremely low maintenance, whilst being really sociable and cuddly.

Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design (1).png


5.5 years / male / indoor

Clarence is a former street cat who is warming to his new comfy London indoor life! He has a bit of a grumpy face and a crunchy meow, but is a sweetie at heart.

Due to his former life on the streets, Clarence has some food security issues and is food obsessed, which means he still is constantly on the lookout for food and is very vocal about getting fed! With patience and time, he is slowly getting to understand that he doesn't need to stress anymore about where his next meal is coming from.

Clarence is very happy to get head and neck scratches, and loves a gentle brushing down, he is comfortable using his crunchy meow to let you know both when to start and stop the pets. He enjoys short naps next to his humans on the sofa, including on laps when it's cold, so will grow to be a very comfortable lap cat with time.

Clarence would love a home where he can stick to a regular and consistent feeding schedule to help with his food anxiety, and likes a perch to be able to to watch the outside world from.


grace(Assigned to adopter)

1.5 years / female / indoor

Grace is a cutie who’s ready to find her forever home! This lovely girl forms deep bonds with her favourite people and likes to be near the action, but not get involved. Grace enjoys alternating between cozy lap time and lounging solo, especially on a soft blanket.

Interactive toys are her favourite, but she loves playtime with her humans too! Grace can sometimes get the early morning zoomies, turning into a playful pouncer on feet under blankets, adding a dash of fun to your mornings. Though she prefers keeping her paws on the ground and can get wiggly when picked up, she adores chin and ear scratches.

Grace is used to having company during the day, as her foster mum works from home, and she might express a little sadness when she thinks she's alone. If you’re looking for a sweet, playful, and affectionate companion, Grace is the perfect cat to bring joy and love into your life!


ace(Assigned to adopter)

12 years / male / indoor

Meet Ace…a gentle, quiet and loving cat who is the best companion that you could ask for. A complete cuddle bug, he is often found snuggling on his fosterer’s lap, doing his combo of activities: purring, drooling and making biscuits. Belly rubs are his favourite, followed closely by chin scratches.


Ace is not a fussy eater, and has no food anxiety. He would either patiently purr while his meal is being prepared, or let out squeaky meows with excitement. If he’s feeling extra peckish for some treats, he would stare with puppy eyes to make your heart melt, or gently tap you with an accompanying meow.


He’s not much into playing, apart from the occasional attack on his catnip toy or an imaginary prey. His zoomies are brief and infrequent. He does like to fetch treats, which is his main source of exercise.


As much as he loves human company, Ace is also very independent and could be left on his own for extended period of time, especially at night.


He had flu when he was rescued, which took a long time to go away. This would need to be monitored, but he is healthy otherwise. He's a foster to adopt candidate to ensure he settles in and his health can be monitored for a while.


With a track record of zero aggression, this angel has nothing but affection and gratitude to show. His next home, a loving one as he truly deserves, would be lucky to have this endless supply of serotonin.

Othello - Image 2024-04-09 at 12.00.20 (1).jpeg
Othello - Image 2024-04-09 at 12.00.20 (8).jpeg


10 months / male / indoor

Othello is a playful and energetic kitty who finds joy in life's simple pleasures. 


From the satisfying crunch of autumn leaves to the gentle movement of feet under blankets. His curious nature leads him to explore new hiding spots, whether they be boxes, baskets, or hanging sheets transformed into cozy sleeping pods.


While he thrives on solo adventures, Othello also craves companionship and would delight in the company of other feline friends. His playful nature shines brightest in the mornings and evenings, where he eagerly engages in games of chase and leaps to catch his "prey." Othello appreciates a varied menu and thrives on a regular eating schedule. 


His ideal home would be with someone who can provide him with plenty of playtime and a secure environment, ideally suited for older children who understand his hunting instincts. A cat-proof outdoor space would be a bonus, as Othello enjoys watching and interacting with the world outside, from insects to passing lights.

E kittens - Image 2024-04-17 at 19.23.24 (9).jpeg
E kittens - Image 2024-04-17 at 19.23.24 (5).jpeg

The E Kittens

6 months / indoor

The E kittens are a gentle and affectionate set of kitties who love a cuddle among themselves and with their humans! They would be great in a family home with lots of people to cuddle up to. Ideally, we would like to find an experienced home for them together as they are bonded but we will consider separate applications as well (must be 1 pair).


Edric (AKA Pinky) is the smallest of the 3 but the biggest softie. He absolutely loves being cuddled and will sit on your lap all day long if he could. He’s got a sensitive tummy but nothing that can’t be fixed with the right food. 


Elon has incredibly soft fur so you won’t mind when he’s demanding pets and kisses. He loves a cuddle almost as much as pinky. His favourite game is chasing feet/hands under the bedsheet, but he’s sure to not get his claws out. 


Erin is a sweet girl. She’s a bit more independent than her brothers and will happily snooze in a cat basket during the day, whereas you’ll usually have the boys in close proximity to you and each other. She’s not as much as a lap cat but loves being stroked once she gets to know you and doesn’t mind being picked up for a quick cuddle too.

Nicki - Image 2024-04-22 at 15.26.16.jpeg
Nicki - Image 2024-05-05 at 12.31.55 (2).jpeg

NICKI(Assigned to adopter)

8 months / female / indoor

Nicki was dumped on the vet's doorstep. She hadn't been handled with much care in the past as she is afraid of quick movements.

However only a few weeks, she has made incredible progress! She is already willing to accept strokes and affection. She comes running down when you come home from work. She is sooooooo playful!!! She is ready to play with any toy! She’s a very intelligent little cat and is learning so quickly, We are so proud of her progress.

The cutest thing of all is that at night she wants to sleep next to her fosterer's head resting on her shoulder or pillow 🫶

As you can see from the photos she has a banging personality and is so entertaining! Her fosterer calls her pocket rocket 🚀

She is looking for a home with someone experienced and patient to look closely for when she says that she has had enough. She is still learning manners and to understand that she is safe, she rarely uses claws to bat away hands but she can sometimes still use teeth. She may need some medicine to help her calm down to be given before vet visits as she can get a bit distressed.

She will not be able to be rehomed with children, or to a home planning to start a family soon as she has an intense emotional and physical response to the sound of babies crying.

We believe whole heartedly that with time, patience she will be the most loving and playful friend.

Lexy and Laurie - Image 2024-04-15 at 20.23.38 (2).jpeg
Laurie and Lexy.jpeg

Lexy & Laurie


5 months / females / indoor

These easy-going sisters are social, playful, and energetic, with boundless curiosity for their human companions. Yet, they can entertain themselves and manage well on their own. At mealtime, they make their readiness to eat known with a polite meow, and will happily dine on anything put in front of them. As the sun sets they chase each other around and wrestle, then make up and groom each other until it’s time for bed.

🐈Laurie, who has more white fur of the two, is forever exploring and is a mountain climber at heart. She will do well in a home with plenty of nooks and crannies, especially at altitude! Though not keen on cuddles, she is always ready for a boop on her widdle pink nose.

🐈‍⬛Lexy, who has more black fur and a cute checkerboard mouth, is more reserved and is a cave explorer. When the feather-on-a-stick comes out, she commits 100%. Also not keen on cuddles, she will accept the odd scratch behind the ear and then be on her way.

These beauties are looking for a loving forever together, where they can continue to grow and thrive. The girls come with a 5* hygiene rating, which is to say their use of the litterbox is consistent and immaculate.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-10 at 00.44.24 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-10 at 00.44_edited.jpg

Lychee & Mango


2.5 months / 1 female and 1 male / indoor

Mango & Lychee are a delightful twins looking for a forever home together.

Mango & Lychee (female / male - 2.5 months) -  are inseparable ginger twins. Initially a bit shy, they quickly warm up to reveal their adventurous and playful sides. Whether they're napping in a cozy spot or exploring the world around them, these two are always by each other's side. Their antics are bound to bring endless joy to their new family.

This kitty family is friendly, healthy, and litter trained, ready to bring love and laughter into their forever homes. They've been lovingly cared for in foster care and are now eagerly awaiting the chance to be adored by their forever families.

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 12.18.31.png
Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 12.18.31.png



4 years / female / indoor

Angelica is an independent and unique cat who has come a long way from being a hissy diva to a loving companion. Thanks to her fosterer, she has learned to trust and love, although she can become shy when met with new environments or people. Once she feels safe she will come out of her shell again and she also feels more comfortable with women.


She doesn't know how to meow so she's a very quiet little cat, but she very rarely chirps at night. She purrs super loudly all the time and makes biscuits on the blankets. She doesn't care for fancy toys. All she needs is a piece of string or a laser to chase and attack and also her sticks covered in string that she throws around at night. She is obsessed with cat TV and can spend hours just sitting in front of it purring and attacking the mice.

She doesn't really like wet food and eats her dry food when she feels like it, usually in the mornings and at human bed time so she's very low maintenance. She loves cat puree for extra moisture and lives for dreamies and treats, which is a great way to make friends initially.

She loves head and cheek rubs, gentle strokes while sitting next to her on the carpet so she can rub against you and get treats. However, she dislikes loud noises and the hoover, but is slowly learning to be okay with them. She has an enclosed bed that she spends a lot of time in, but she also loves spending all day on the bed/heated blanket with her cat TV.

Angelica is a loving couch potato who enjoys her personal space, but is open to more affection as she gains trust with humans. She would be a great addition to a family without children as she may benefit from a more predictable environment.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-29 at 08.38.31.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-09 at 13_edited.jpg

Parker & Braveheart

5 & 6 years / male / indoor

Parker & Braveheart met in the cat pens after being rescued. Although Parker at the time was a grumpy old man, Braveheart saw right through him, and a spark was lit. They were placed in the foster home together, and having each other helped them warm up to their humans and learn how to live in the home they never had.


Braveheart, who was once terrified of people, now enjoys being petted. He will get close to you when he wants some cuddles and leave once he’s had enough. He initially grimaces when being stroked, however when he settles into it, he purrs like a motorcycle and even dribbles. He is frightened by string toys or anything attached to a stick, but he happily spends time chasing balls around the floor. If he’s not snuggling into Parker’s long silky fur, he likes to spend time perched on the window, where he can watch the world go by.


Parker has become a lot less grumpy after being diagnosed with arthritis and finally receiving monthly pain relief injections from the vet. He sometimes still hisses to remind everyone of his position in the pecking order, but he also melts when having his chin or head rubbed. When he’s in the mood for cuddles, he will come and sit in front of you and stare until he gets what he wants. He eats a special diet, since he’s lost most of his teeth, but this doesn’t stop him from enjoying wet and dry food, as well as treats (he loooves dreamies!)


Ever the unlikely couple, Parker & Braveheart can often be found cuddled together on the couch. You can witness the classic lover’s quarrels every now and then, but they always find their way back to each other.


They are looking for a family together, one that has experience with cats and can be patient as they continue on their journey of warming up to humans. Their new family will be rewarded with great company from a pair of very different, strongly bonded characters.

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-22 at 10.14.05.jpeg


7 years / male / indoor

Papi is a sweet and playful cat who has made great progress in becoming more sociable. He no longer spends all his time in his bed and will come out when called for dinner and nap around the house. He loves to play with balls and anything he can bat around on the floor. Papi is also known to be a bit mischievous and will knock over objects in the house or play with remotes or glasses, so it's best to keep important items out of his reach.


Papi is not a lap cat and not affectionate yet, but he enjoys being near his human and will smell hands/feet. He can be a bit hand shy and may hiss if he feels threatened, but he is generally calm and easygoing. He now even sits with his fosterer when she is watching TV.


Papi has had some ongoing respiratory issues and can have a weepy left eye at times. He also snores loudly, sounds congested at times and may also sneeze or cough occasionally. This is an ongoing health issue which will not go away and will need monitoring as he may require medical attention if this worsens.  Despite these health issues, he has a good appetite, drinks water regularly, and uses the litter tray without any problems. He needs to be kept indoors due to his health issues.


Papi would do well in a home with a routine that includes playtime and lots of toys to keep him occupied. While he's not friendly, he may continue to become more social slowly with patience and love from his new family. He loves other cats so would love some cat company with another confident kitty.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 16.24.12.png



5 years / female / indoor / adults only

Meet Cindy!


Cindy is the sweetest cat. Inquisitive, bold, loving and full of adventure she is such a wonderful feline friend.

Whilst she doesn’t love being picked up, she absolutely LOVES cuddles and will come snuggle on your lap on the sofa, or next to you whilst you’re working or curling up in bed with you (watch out for the sweetest kisses in the morning - like them or not!).

She’s very confident and will settle into a new home quickly, as long as she’s given the space and reassurance she needs to explore on her own terms. She needs an adult only home, having had bad experiences with children in the past - but she’s fine with occasional children visitors. She’d love someone who is around quite a bit (ideally works from home or is retired) as she’s a very sociable cat and loves human company. But equally she’s happy being left alone if needs be and can do a night solo (as long as someone feeds her!) .

She's very playful and loves playing with fishing rod and can even play ‘fetch’ with little mouse toys! And she loves wtachigg by the world go by from her cat tree by the window. She's litter trained and very tidy. She’s quite food motivated and LOVES dreamies and sticks, and will sometimes try and trick you that she still needs feeding (naughty!) but she is the sweetest cat, and will be very much loved by whoever gives her a home!

Adopting with L.I.C.K

We will review applications on a cat by cat basis (as they are ready to be adopted), in the order that they came in and we will prioritise the best match for each kitty. Therefore, it is quite difficult to provide timelines. Please ensure you review all the points above as these will be covered in the interview.

Ensure you include a video as requested in the form to be considered.

The adoptions team will reach out for an initial interview if a potential match is found, if the interview goes well, we will put you in touch with the fosterer so you can meet the kitty. We try to make this process as speedy as we can, as we don’t want to lose potential adopters for the kitty. 

After this, please let us know if you wish to adopt the kitty. We sometimes have multiple people wanting the same kitty, so we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

If everything looks OK, you will have to sign an adoption form and provide proof of insurance, cat-proofing and vet registration. We will then arrange the kitty delivery officer to bring the kitty to you and will do an in-person home check. We will change the chip ownership transfer and the kitty is officially part of your family! :) If for any reason it doesn't work out, we will take them back.

The Adoption Donation for a kitty is £100 or £170 for a pair. All donations go towards veterinary care for our kitties. All other costs are paid by fosterers, trustees and volunteers out of their own pockets.

If you are residing in a congestion zone, we kindly as that you help pay for the congestion charge.

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