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Please consider the following before applying to adopt:

We will communicate via email, so make sure to check your SPAM or 'Promotions' folder in your email for any communication from us. You will receive an email to confirm we have received your application once submitted. 

We are an INDOOR first cat rescue and we DON'T rehome single kittens.

Out of consideration to our very small volunteer teams it is important that you read the points below carefully before submitting an ADOPTION APPLICATION form:

  • Thoroughly read our guide for newly adopted kitties to have realistic expectations of the responsibility of owning a kitty.

  • Please familiarise yourself with our FAQs to learn more about the adoption process and our response times.

  • For kittens, we adopt in pairs of kittens and in the second instance, those who already have a young cat. Kittens homed on their own risk having behavioural issues when they grow up like bitting and scratching. 

  • The most applications we get are for kittens, so please be aware that we might not get to you, let us know in your application if you would consider other types of cats as well.

  • Young cats will be looked to be rehomed to a home with another cat.

  • Be sure that you are ready to adopt and do not apply on whim out of consideration to our very small adoptions volunteering team.

  • Think if you are ready for a commitment of looking after a kitty for many years to come (including during their senior years), cats can live 16+ years.

  • Make sure you have permission in writing on your rental or lease to have pets before applying.

  • Only submit one application, if you wish to update it, message us via Instagram, Facebook or email and let us know which kitty you like.

  • Ensure you have specified what kitties you are interested in, including your previous experience so we can get a sense of you and your home to try to find the best fit.

  • We are an indoor first rescue. Cats should be kept indoors at all times (unless you have a catio or cat proofed garden) join this group for ideas, please read our FAQs for more information. We will require all homes to be cat proofed. This applies to kittens as well.

  • Terms apply to all adoption applications. You will have to provide full paperwork as part of the process.

  • Please keep in mind that we will not be able to provide vaccinations at this time.

We have received hundreds of applications so we won't be able to get back to everyone individually, please read our FAQs to familiarise yourself with our process.

Kitties for adoption

Please note that most ages are approximations as we don't always have the kitty's medical history. If a cat is no longer on this page it means that the kitty has been adopted or could have temporarily been removed. This page is the most up-to-date place for the cats we have up for adoption.

Sirius Black kitten -  Image 2023-09-08
Photo 01-10-2023, 17 15 37 (6)

sirius black

3 months / male / indoor

Sirius Black, aka Little Sir aka Siri, is a tiny house panther with a biiiiig personality. He is extremely curious, confident, playful, super fast on his feet and an amazing jumper! Sirius purrs like a tiny motorcycle when he’s ready for some strokes and chill-out time.


He’s very affectionate and friendly, healthy, full of energy and litter trained like a pro! His favorite pastime is chasing his kitty foster sister around and play-fighting with her. His other hobbies include eating as often as possible and playing with his toys — he has a little pink pom pom and a little pink mouse he’s particularly obsessed with hunting. Sitting by the window watching the outside world is another favorite pastime.

Sirius is looking for a loving home with another lively young cat to keep him company and help him burn off all his rambunctious energy. He also enjoys playing with his humans and snuggling up for some strokes and scratches for regular naps, and will reward you with his infamous purr equivalent to a tiny revving engine. He’s very sociable and good with children and guests, so this little guy will be a wonderful addition to his new forever home!

Lottie Image 2023-09-07 at 21.57.03.jpeg
Lottie Image 2023-09-16 at 23.03.38.jpeg

Assigned to adopter

1 year / female / indoor

Lottie is a beautiful, shy young female with incredibly long limbs and a pretty face.

Although she still needs a little patience as she is recovering from being abandoned, she is very sweet and loves to be pet and cuddled in her bed.

If you're looking for an independent companion, happy to be on her own, but also happy to coexist with you: she's your girl.

Lottie has a chipped tooth, so she's on the waiting list for dental treatment (can be done post adoption).

Scar -  Image 2023-09-13 at 11.08.13.jpeg
Scar -  Image 2023-09-13 at 11.08.14 (1).jpeg


4 years / male / outdoor (cat proof)

Meet Scar!

He's a beautiful tabby, very calm, friendly and with the funniest poses.

He usually pats his head and likes to be stroked from time to time. Sometimes he tries to bite or scratch, but never with the intention of hurting.

He likes to play with feather toys and ribbons and talks loudly when he's playing. He loves to curl up on the end of the bed to sleep with his guardians and usually follows them everywhere. He loves being around humans!

He is looking for a home where he won't be left alone for long periods of time and would need a cat-proof outdoor space, such as a balcony with a hammock.

Clifford and Clarke Image 2023-09-02 at 15.58.27.jpeg
Clifford anc Clarke Image 2023-09-02 at 15.49.23.jpeg

Clifford & Clark

5 & 7 years / male / indoor

Clifford and Clark are incredibly gentle souls

Clarke loves affection. His favourite place for a gentle stroke is right on his head and when he craves attention, he makes the sweetest squeaks. Clarke is the ideal lap cat, he loves to snuggle up and brighten your day with his warm presence.

Clifford is an energetic and adventurous soul. He took a little time to get used to, but is becoming friendlier. Clifford's playful nature shines through when he's chasing a mouse on a stick or bouncing on a ping-pong ball, ensuring that there's never a dull moment in his home. His curious spirit keeps him looking for food and he will explore every nook and cranny to satisfy his curiosity.

These two are inseparable and do everything together: they sleep, eat and seek affection. They share a unique sibling mentality that is touching to watch. Clifford, with his dominant personality, occasionally expresses his thoughts with a meow, and Clarke readily follows his lead.

Treats are a sure-fire way to win their hearts; a simple shake of the treat bag will send them galloping with enthusiasm.

Clifford has some skin sensitivities. We think he may have a flea allergy, so it's interesting that he has regular flea monitoring.

Bobbi -  Image 2023-07-31 at 14.34.44.jpeg
Bobbi -  Image 2023-07-18 at 07.24.38.jpeg



3 years / male / indoor

Bobbi is a gentle and sweet boy who loves spending time with people and is always ready to greet guests. His favorite things in the world are dinnertime followed by a nap on someone’s lap!


He likes to play and loves being brushed, especially on his head and the sides of his face. He’s a sleepy and old soul so is fairly quiet throughout the night, but will be ready to greet you again in the morning looking forward to spending time with you!


He can look a little wobbly when he walks as scans have shown that he has a metal rod in his leg from a previous operation, but this doesn’t stop him from exploring, jumping on the sofa or getting up the stairs. 


Bobbi has a sensitive tummy and requires gastrointestinal food for him to be feeling his best. He seems to have arthritis in his back legs and is taking tablets at the moment, but he might need some alternative medication in the near future (possibly injections every 4-5 weeks).


Bobbi is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will not only shower him in the affection he desires (and will happily return!), but someone who will also be able to take care of any and all medical needs. He will be purrever grateful to you and add a lot of love to your home!

Ebony -  Image 2023-07-18 at 08.58.46 (2).jpeg
Ebony -  Image 2023-07-18 at 08.58.46.jpeg



12 years / female / indoor

Ebony is a sweet, calm girl who loves human company.


She is very vocal and often meows to attract your attention if you’ve not looked at her for too long. She’s very friendly and easy-going, and would like to have people around her at all times. She can get scared at loud noises or sudden movements, but nothing out of the ordinary for a cat.


Rather than sleeping on her pillow or cat bed, she enjoys stealing your spot on the bed or the couch, so she would be perfect for someone who doesn’t mind sleeping together.


Ebony is a fairly picky eater, she likes food but prefers to have smaller meals throughout the day rather than a very big portion all at the same time.


She is currently under treatment for an eye infection, which will need monitoring to ensure it heals properly, so she might need some attention going forward.


Overall she’s a gentle, loving cat looking for a calm home and lots of attention!

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-22 at 10.14.05.jpeg


7 years / male / indoor

Papi is a sweet and playful cat who has made great progress in becoming more sociable. He no longer spends all his time in his bed and will come out when called for dinner. He loves to play with balls and anything he can bat around on the floor. Papi is also known to be a bit mischievous and will knock over objects in the house or play with remotes or glasses, so it's best to keep important items out of his reach.


Papi is not a lap cat and not affectionate yet, but he enjoys being near his human and will tolerate being in their presence. He can be a bit hand shy and may hiss if he feels threatened, but he is generally calm and easygoing.


Papi has had some ongoing respiratory issues and can have a weepy left eye at times. He also snores loudly, sounds congested at times and may also sneeze or cough occasionally. This is an ongoing health issue which will not go away and will need monitoring as he may require medical attention if this worsens.  Despite these health issues, he has a good appetite, drinks water regularly, and uses the litter tray without any problems. He needs to be kept indoors due to his health issues.


Papi would do well in a home with a routine that includes playtime and lots of toys to keep him occupied. While he's not friendly, he may continue to become more social slowly with patience and love from his new family.




3 years / male / access to outdoor

Kyro is a lively kitty who guarantees endless entertainment! He is a mix of snuggly lap cat and bold ball of energy. With a strong sense of adventure, Kyro adores climbing and can often be found perched on high surfaces. He particularly loves the cat shelves and cat tree in his foster home and enjoys chasing paper balls during his zoomie moments.


Due to occasional biting and scratching, Kyro requires an experienced cat owner. He has a truly "cat-like" nature, needing someone unafraid of feline antics, as he may engage in rough play. Occasionally he may nibble or pounce on your hand or feet. However, his intentions are not malicious; he simply wants to play, and he compensates for it afterward with snuggles. Kyro needs continuous efforts from a patient caregiver to refine his behaviour.


Kyro enjoys snoozing during the day and occasionally seeks out cozy companionship, curling up next to you. He can be highly affectionate, often nudging his face toward you, requesting gentle strokes. When at ease, he loves settling on knees, extending his paws.


Kyro is mischievous and won't hesitate to come close if human food is involved. It’s best to feed him dinner while you have yours so he is distracted.


Kyro is looking for a home with no kids and secure outdoor access (preferably with a cat-proofed garden) or away from busy roads outside of the city. He is currently on a behaviour improvement plan that will need to be continued. We believe he would thrive in a household with other cats for companionship, although slow introductions should be gradual and cautious. We are able to drive outside of London for 2-3 hours.

Roni - Image 2023-06-30 at 09.01.03.jpeg
Roni - Image 2023-06-30 at 14.30.12 (2).jpeg




3 years / male / indoor (cat-proofed outdoor)

Roni is a young, handsome, velvety-soft cuddle bug. He loves to give forehead bonks and has the loudest purr. He’s the most patient cat in the world and has never swatted or hissed. You can carry him around like a baby and get sweet head-butts in return. His favorite game is playing with his feather toy — he challenges any human to keep it away from him! 


He is not fussy about food and has a big appetite. He also enjoys a good nap in any box you may have lying around. He loves cardboard — either to scratch up or sleep in! While he is very fond of humans and thrives on attention, he can be just as content lying by the window and watching the outside world. He would love some outside time in a cat-proofed balcony/backyard, or if you have access to a private garden where he could go for a walk on a harness as long as there are no dogs around. Loud noises startle any cat, and he is no exception.


Roni is a BIG, sweet, chill boy! He is good with strangers and wants to stay close to his humans at all times (following them around the house, going back and forth when they are in different rooms, even sometimes bringing his beloved feather toy to them). Water is highly fascinating to him and a favorite pastime of his is playing with the tap in the bathtub. 


Since he's young and full of energy, he wants to play 24/7 so he need lots of playtime (maybe with some exciting new toys)! Roni is looking for a quiet home where he is the center of attention, and in return he will be your own personal adorable shadow who is always up for a sweet cuddle!


He was on Gabapentin due to urinary blockage issues in the recent past, but has been stable for a while now. It should be noted that this might come back if he is stressed, so he needs someone who is able to support him if and when he gets stressed out, and is also able to take care of any future medical needs he may have.


Parker & Braveheart

5 & 6 years / male / indoor

Parker & Braveheart met in the cat pens after being rescued. Although Parker at the time was a grumpy old man, Braveheart saw right through him, and a spark was lit. They were placed in the foster home together, and having each other helped them warm up to their humans and learn how to live in the home they never had.


Braveheart, who was once terrified of people, now enjoys being petted. He will get close to you when he wants some cuddles and leave once he’s had enough. He initially grimaces when being stroked, however when he settles into it, he purrs like a motorcycle and even dribbles. He is frightened by string toys or anything attached to a stick, but he happily spends time chasing balls around the floor. If he’s not snuggling into Parker’s long silky fur, he likes to spend time perched on the window, where he can watch the world go by.


Parker has become a lot less grumpy after being diagnosed with arthritis and finally receiving monthly pain relief injections from the vet. He sometimes still hisses to remind everyone of his position in the pecking order, but he also melts when having his chin or head rubbed. When he’s in the mood for cuddles, he will come and sit in front of you and stare until he gets what he wants. He eats a special diet, since he’s lost most of his teeth, but this doesn’t stop him from enjoying wet and dry food, as well as treats (he loooves dreamies!)


Ever the unlikely couple, Parker & Braveheart can often be found cuddled together on the couch. You can witness the classic lover’s quarrels every now and then, but they always find their way back to each other.


They are looking for a family together, one that has experience with cats and can be patient as they continue on their journey of warming up to humans. Their new family will be rewarded with great company from a pair of very different, strongly bonded characters.

F242FE6E-1B47-4F34-BCFE-7DC9835FD91F (1).jpg
IMG-4932 (1) (1).jpg


13 years old / male / indoor + cat-proofed outdoor

Think about all the stereotypes about cats: aloof, solitary, independent… well, Jett is the complete opposite.


He absolutely LOVES attention. He would benefit from someone who is around the house a lot, maybe someone who works from home. He loves being pet and being around people constantly – even strangers! He will lick you to show his love, cuddle on the sofa next to you all evening and then sleep on the pillow next to your head at night. He sits and looks at you, sometimes meowing, when you’re in the shower or getting ready to leave. Basically he’s gonna be your little shadow.


Although he lacks teeth, Jett is also a big foodie. He is not fussy and loves wet food – especially if you mix a little water in it so he can more easily swallow it without chewing. If you’re in the kitchen, he will run after you meowing hoping to get some treats. 


He’s very curious about the outdoors, so he would benefit from access to a secure cat-proofed garden, a catio or a balcony to take in some fresh hair.


Unfortunately he has had some health issues since he came in our care, including some dental problems, a cancer scare in his ear and some issues with his tummy. He’s stable now, but his new adopter would need a good medical expense account.

Photo 14-05-2023, 13 22 29.jpg
Photo 27-05-2023, 11 12 47.jpg


18 years young / male / indoor

Nettle is an old and very loving boy who croaks instead of meows. He is looking for a retirement home where he can receive lots of cuddles and lap time. He has come a long way in terms of health as he hadn't seen a vet in years before coming to us. Over the last couple of months he has gained weight (from being extremely underweight) and his fur is looking much healthier. He will require regular grooming because he can't do this all by himself due to his arthritis, but he will be grateful for your help as he very much enjoys the grooming sessions! 


His favorite thing to do is nap all day! However, he is very awake when hungry as he loves food, he can never get enough! He tolerates being carried around for short periods of time while enjoying some chin rubs and hugs. His eyesight isn’t the best anymore so he doesn’t show a lot of interest in toys unless you have string toys that rattle and make other fun noises, then he will happily play with you.


He requires a monthly injection for his arthritis — these help him so much with the pain and increase his overall comfort & mobility. He was treated for a dental infection where he had all his teeth removed except one (he might need more dental work in future to remove the remaining tooth). He had a lot of tummy issues when he first came to us, but has stabilized thanks to specialty food, probiotics and fibre, all of which he'll need going forward. He has early stage kidney disease which for now he only needs special food for. He'll need another blood test in 3 months time to ensure his anemia is gone, and to check on his heart as there have been some differing measurements. In spite of all these ailments that come with age he continues to improve and seems to be content with life now!


Nettle is looking for a home to live out his remaining years, where he can be pampered with all the cuddles & food that his heart desires! He is not a big fan of other cats and tries to chase them off with a hiss and a paw in the air, so would prefer to be the only kitty in the household. He is an absolute sweetheart, a total lap cat, and will add so much love to his new forever home!

Photo 17-09-2023, 09 24 38 (6).jpg
Photo 17-09-2023, 09 24 38 (3).jpg

Dre & Snoop
Assigned to adopter

6 months / male / indoor

Dre and Snoop are two friendly, playful brothers who are just under six months old.

Dre looks like he is wearing a pair of white socks on his hind paws, and is the foodie out of the two. You can always expect Dre to be around (purring) as soon as you reach out for a bag of cat treats.


Snoop has white toes on all four paws, and loves playing catch games and cuddles.


Be prepared for some cat naps on your lap if you are sitting in front of a screen for too long! The brothers are good at keeping each other entertained and quite often take naps together. They are very sociable and get used to new people very easily.

Lilo, Stitch, Oreo, Stormy Image 2023-09-10 at 18.26.11 (2).jpeg
Lilo, Stitch, Oreo, Stormy Image 2023-09-10 at 18.26.11.jpeg

Assigned to adopter

3 months / male / indoor

Oreo & Stormy are a black and white gentle pair of kittens. They are happy playing with any sort of toy, or simply just chasing each other around the house. Both are inquisitive little things and like to look out the window to see what is going on around them. Oreo is always the first up in the morning to greet you and will follow his foster round to let them know he is awake too. He loves to lay on his back and play around before settling down for a snooze in very funny positions. Stormy is very similar to Oreo but can be a little shy at times. He loves to jump up on chairs and climb around on tables. The hardest thing about these two is trying to tell them apart and we think they use that to their advantage.

Oreo & Stormy are looking for a home together.

Photo 26-07-2023, 11 45 03 (6).jpg
Lennon Photo 26-07-2023, 11 45 03 (2).jpg


Assigned to adopter


11 years / male / indoor

Lennon has a grumpy face but a big heart. He loves cuddles and taps your arm to ask for more.

He loves to talk and responded to his name, he is a vocal cat.

This beautiful boy likes to bring his favourite toys to your bed and sleep with you.

He gets under the covers to snuggle up next to you.

Lennon likes it when you hide in the corner and present his toy as that is when he plays the most.

He loves to eat a lot and is happy when he needs grooming as long as he gets a treat at the end.

He is easily startled so would prefer a quieter home with no children and no sudden movements while he gets to know you.

He is afraid of guests and prefers to be left alone to hide while they are visiting.


Assigned to adopter

12 years / male / indoor

Meet James! This handsome boy adores pets and will start purring the moment he feels your touch. He is a true cuddlebug and loves nothing more than snuggling up with his favourite humans.

James is a calm cat, who can't resist a good nap in the company of his loved ones. As part of his bedtime routine, James insists on being carried around the flat in his fosterer's arms, making sure he gets a good view of everything before settling down for the night.

While James isn't typically drawn to toys, he enjoys catnip and will occasionally bat around his string toy. He might not be the quickest cat in the race, but that's part of his adorable charm. He may take a little longer to learn new tricks, but he makes up for it with his affectionate nature and endearing personality.

When it's time for food, he'll politely follow you around, reminding you that it is dinner time! He is a foodie at heart.

Despite his adorable appearance, James can start the day a bit scruffy as his eyes tend to get a bit leaky. He enjoys a daily eye clean with a warm damp cloth and even helps out by leaning into the cloth himself! When it's time for a good grooming session, James absolutely loves being brushed, transforming into a dapper tuxedo gentleman before your eyes.

This friendly feline gets along well with strangers (particularly those that offer him a treat), but we haven't seen his temperament around other cats and young children. He has recently had some dental work to remove most of his teeth, but is otherwise a healthy gentleman looking forward to meet his forever family!

Edna - Image 2023-07-03 at 16.46.06.jpeg
Edna -21  Image 2023-07-09 at 11.55.21.jpeg

Assigned to adopter

7 years / female / indoor

Edna is a sweet and fluffy princess who is extremely friendly but calm. She’s very good natured but will let you know she doesn’t like her tummy touched. She likes to follow you around helping with tasks but also likes to curl up and relax. She plays with her toys occassionally but mainly just loves a chin scratch. She has long hair so needs daily brushing. 


Edna doesn’t eat a lot and mainly grazes over a few days, but likes to come drink from a tap. She doesn’t like being left alone for too long so would prefer an adopter who works from home often. She will need free reign of the house at night as would like a large space to explore. She is not happy with closed doors as she likes to be close to humans.

Lilo, Stitch, Oreo, Stormy Image 2023-09-10 at 18.27.00.jpeg
Lilo, Stitch, Oreo, Stormy Image 2023-09-10 at 18.27.02 (2).jpeg

Assigned to adopter

3 months / male & female / indoor

Lilo and Stitch are a dynamic duo! They are never far apart from each other, whether it’s play wrestling, running around the room at crazy speeds or falling asleep on top of each other. Stitch is the biggest kitten of the litter but also the biggest softie, he doesn’t mind curling up near you for a little attention but will also love you and leave you in a second for his independence. Lilo has the sweetest face and is a commander in play fighting with the rest of the siblings. She has a lot of energy to burn and will surprise you by climbing to impossible places. These two get along very well and have very friendly natures.

Lilo & Stitch are looking for a home together.

Adopting with L.I.C.K

We will review applications on a cat by cat basis (as they are ready to be adopted), in the order that they came in and we will prioritise the best match for each kitty. Therefore, it is quite difficult to provide timelines. Please ensure you review all the points above as these will be covered in the interview.

The adoptions team will reach out for an initial interview if a potential match is found, if the interview goes well, we will put you in touch with the fosterer so you can meet the kitty. We try to make this process as speedy as we can, as we don’t want to lose potential adopters for the kitty. Please note that this step is currently done via a video call.

After this, please let us know if you wish to adopt the kitty. We sometimes have multiple people wanting the same kitty, so we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

We will then arrange the transfer and will do a home check (this can be done via video) . Once this is approved, you will have to sign an adoption form. We will change the chip ownership transfer and the kitty is officially part of your family! :)  

If for any reason you are unhappy with the kitty, we will take them back.

The Adoption Donation for a kitty is £80.00 or £150.00 for a pair. All donations go towards veterinary care for our kitties. All other costs are paid by fosterers, trustees and volunteers out of their own pockets.

If you are residing in a congestion zone, we kindly as that you help pay for the congestion charge.

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