Please consider the following before applying to adopt:

We will communicate via email, so make sure to check your SPAM or 'Promotions' folder in your email for any communication from us. You will receive an email to confirm we have received your application once submitted. 

We are an INDOOR first cat rescue and we DON'T rehome single kittens.

Out of consideration to our very small volunteer teams it is important that you read the points below carefully before submitting an ADOPTION APPLICATION form:

  • Thoroughly read our guide for newly adopted kitties to have realistic expectations of the responsibility of owning a kitty.

  • Please familiarise yourself with our FAQs to learn more about the adoption process and our response times.

  • For kittens, we adopt in pairs of kittens and in the second instance, those who already have a young cat. Kittens homed on their own risk having behavioural issues when they grow up like bitting and scratching. 

  • The most applications we get are for kittens, so please be aware that we might not get to you, let us know in your application if you would consider other types of cats as well.

  • Be sure that you are ready to adopt and do not apply on whim out of consideration to our very small adoptions volunteering team.

  • Think if you are ready for a commitment of looking after a kitty for many years to come (including during their senior years), cats can live 16+ years.

  • Make sure you have permission in writing on your rental or lease to have pets before applying.

  • Only submit one application, if you wish to update it, message us via Instagram, Facebook or email and let us know which kitty you like.

  • Ensure you have specified what kitties you are interested in, including your previous experience so we can get a sense of you and your home to try to find the best fit.

  • We are an indoor first rescue.  Cats should be kept indoors at all times (unless you have a catio or cat proofed garden) join this group for ideas, please read our FAQs for more information. We will require all cats to be cat proofed. This applies to kittens as well.

  • We will prioritise applicants that do not have a cat or have 1 cat. If you 2 or more cats, we will only consider your application for cats who may be considered for a 'difficult to adopt' kitty.

  • Terms apply to all adoption applications. 

  • Please keep in mind that we will not be able to provide vaccinations at this time.

We have received hundreds of applications so we won't be able to get back to everyone individually, please read our FAQs to familiarise yourself with our process.

Kitties for adoption

Please note that most ages are approximations as we don't always have the kitty's medical history. If a cat is no longer on this page it means that the kitty has been adopted or could have temporarily been removed. This page is the most up-to-date place for the cats we have up for adoption.

Anoushka-Fluffy3 Image 2022-06-22 at 8.19.10 PM.jpeg
Anoushka-Fluffy3 Image 2022-07-02 at 6.02.19 PM.jpeg

Fluffy & anoushka

4 & 2 years / female / indoor

Fluffy and Anoushka were found abandoned and living outdoors when we took them in. Anoushka is Fluffy’s loving mother, she’s 4 years old and her baby is 2.


Anoushka is super loving and very friendly. Be aware that you have to be okay with her invading your personal space, as she loves to sneak into the bed in the mornings and will even lick your toes! She doesn’t like surprises so it’s important that you make your presence known and don’t sneak up on her unaware; she needs to be approached slowly and politely.


It took Fluffy some time to warm up to her fosterers, but after some gentle encouragement, she learned that people can be alright, and her friendly and laid back personality started to shine. Fluffy loves to be held and have her face pet, but also enjoys her play-time, especially with small plushies. She’s very particular about her food, and doesn’t like to have wet food and biscuits together.


This lovely duo are very vocal, and will talk to you constantly. They also like you to engage in their conversation, so are very suitable for people who like to have a vibrant and bubbly household! They also love to play together and run around the house, so will need some space for this. They will bring joy to a loving home, and would most appreciate having people around throughout the day to chat with and keep company.



4 years / male / indoor

Abdul is a calm and handsome young boy. He is litterbox trained and knows how to take care of himself. Unlike most kitties, Abdul never caught onto night zoomies, so you can expect to sleep well with minimal disturbances throughout the night.

Abdul began to open up to his fosterers on his very first day with them - after watching a movie together on the same couch. However, he is still in the process of becoming fully accustomed to humans. He likes to sit beside his humans with one paw rested on them, rather than curling up on their lap for cuddles.

Abdul loves head scratches and especially likes being pet on his forehead. He is not too happy with being fussed on his belly, however. He will follow his humans everywhere around the house, and likes to maintain a direct line of sight all day. He will sometimes play with his toys - he loves scratch post the most, as well as cloth balls (just about anything he can get his grip on). 

With some patience, you will be able to build up a bond with the lovely Abdul. His fosterers can attest to the fact that it is highly rewarding to see him trust you more and more each day.

photo 08-09-2022, 18 13 36.JPG


2 years / female / indoor

Cressida is a lovely and playful little kitty. Although she’s a sweet girl, she isn’t much of a lap cat. She does, however, love a good head scratch and absolutely adores being brushed. Her favourite hobby is to sit by the window and watch the world go by. 


It takes Cressida a little while to warm up to new surroundings but once she does, you’ll find that she’s very energetic and loves to play. She needs a home that can give her some enrichment and plenty of attention during playtime! She also likes a quiet place to nap, after she’s worn herself out.

Photo 24-09-2022, 10 44 04 (2).jpg
Photo 24-09-2022, 10 44 05 (4)_edited.jpg


3 years / male 

Dexter is an initially timid but ultimately very affectionate boy. He takes a while to get used to new people, would quieter home, without kids.

He is food obsessed, and is improving as he gets comfortable, but owners should expect him to be a little demanding when it comes to feeding - he has a voracious appetite and will expect more food even after he's had a full meal (no food or dirty dishes can be left out!) The good news is that he is very food motivated, so will quickly bond with whoever feeds him.

Dexter has chronic kidney disease, which is not affecting his health at the moment, but means he requires additional care, and likely additional pet insurance considerations. Because of his kidney disease he is on a strict diet, and he requires a regular fresh supply of water, along with a lot of litter and regularly cleaned litter box, since he drinks and pees much more than healthy cats. He is currently taking a daily medication pill to support his kidneys, which he happily eats along with his breakfast meal.

Once he gets used to people, he is very sweet natured, so he seems well socialised despite his timidness. He will start to show an interest in toys once he's comfortable with his humans, and even better if it's a food toy!

After eating, his favourite thing to do is jump up on to the sofa for lots of scritches and cuddles, to watch some TV, and nap next to his human. He is definitely on his way to becoming a lap cat.



6 months / male & female / indoor

Wally is a fluffy black boy, who is adorable and very playful and affectionate. He has a problem with his spine and back legs, so he can't walk properly, but this does not hold him back: he can leap and run very fast - sideways! He needs to have some more neurological checks, he has also had x-rays that didn't determine the cause of these issues, but so far it seems as though it isn't reversible, and he isn't in any pain at all. He eats plenty to keep his energy up, and uses the litterbox perfectly.


Titch (who is no longer very titchy) has black short-hair with a white bib. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality and bravery! She's very affectionate and loves being stroked, and like her brother is super confident.

They are looking for a home together and are available as foster to adopt.

Beetle Image 2022-07-25 at 6.31.44 PM.jpeg
Beetle_IMG_4354 2.png


4 years / female / indoor or outdoor

We were Beetle's last chance as she was going to be put to sleep because she was classified as feral. We rushed to get her as we were given only a few hours to get her.

After being with us for over a year, we have noticed a lot of improvement which have accelerated in the last few months since she's moved to an experienced fosterer. She is very confident despite being weary at times and likes to explore new places in the flat at her own pace. She chats to humans on occasions and it is the most rewarding little meow. She loves being around humans and playing with them. Her favourite toys are the feather toy and the laser. Her favourite things are treats and staring out the window on her cat tree. She is starting to like strokes when she's rubbing around her fosterer's legs and on other occasions with a stick or oven glove. She is improving every day but she gets scared if you come at her face directly which is when she might swipe and hiss. She is even improving in that aspect and is starting to only put her paw up and not swipe. She is definitely making progress every week. She has even started to sit on the sofa with her fosterers.

🏠 Beetle is looking for a large home if indoors or a home with access to a safe outdoor space outside of London.

🚨 Although she has improved so much, she is still considered semi feral due to her unpredictable nature as she sometimes still hisses and swipes (although this continues to improve). Please keep in mind that Beetle isn't classified as a friendly cat or a lapcat.

💜 We think she deserves a good home.
She will need to be kept in a small room for a few weeks while she gets used to the new place and will need to explore the house slowly room by room.

🐈 She doesn't seem to like other cats so far, so she would like a home on her own or in a home with lots of experience introducing cats.

🧤Beetle is a long-haired cat so she'll need regular brushing which she loves. This is currently done with a brush on a stick as she can get over stimulated.

🩺 She has no known health issues but has had a dental and although she loves to dig around in her litter tray, she never misses.

Boy George Image 2022-08-24 at 11.59.12 PM.jpeg
Boy George Image 2022-08-24 at 11.59.29 PM (1).jpeg

Boy George

2 years / male / indoor

Boy George is a lovely cat. He's very quick to adapt to a new environment, and he's very gentle while getting to know the place and the people.

He loves chasing his toys and he has a lot of energy reserved for play! He might get a bit restless if he doesn't get enough play time during the day, so he would suit a family who enjoys an active cat and is willing to dedicate a good amount of time to enrichment and stimulation.

He'll keep you company while you're cooking and watching TV. He will spend some time on your lap, but he prefers to stay on his cat tree, or under the bed.

He eats very fast, so portioning his food is important, and feeding him with a puzzle feeder is also a good way to combat this.

He'll make a wonderful addition to any family!

Cinnamon-Luna Image 2022-09-25 at 12.41.27 PM.jpeg

Cinnamon & Luna

5 months / male & female / indoor

Cinnamon and Luna, despite their different personalities, are two lovely siblings. They both love cuddling and playing together, but whilst Cinnamon is bold and outgoing Luna is a bit more timid and takes more time to warm up. Once she’s comfortable, they’re both very affectionate and love being around people. They get on really well together and spend a lot of time taking turns chasing each other or grooming each other.

They're not too demanding in general, even when it comes to food - though they can both be a bit squeaky when they want your attention, usually for scratches.

Cinnamon, first assumed to be female as he is a tortie, actually has male genitalia which is super rare! He doesn't have testicles, so won't need to be neutered. We are doing some more tests with the vets to see what internal reproductive organs he has, but he is happy & healthy.


Misty & Panda

2 months / female & male / indoor

Misty and Panda are both very affectionate and playful kittens who love to spend time together and with people.


Misty is very cute and shy and loves playing with her brother Panda. Together they chase toys, climb on people, and run around. She quite a lap-cat as she loves being close to people and being cuddled.


Panda is a cheeky, playful, and sweet kitten who likes to play with toys and chase his sister Misty. Like Misty, he loves to cuddle people and often naps near or on his humans.

Megan Image 2022-08-10 at 1.56.27 PM (1).jpeg
Megan Image 2022-08-10 at 1.56.45 PM.jpeg


1 year / female / indoor

Megan is gorgeous fluffy cat with stunning eyes who is sweet, warm and loving. She is quiet and chilled out, and though she isn't a lap cat but she does like to be close-by her humans. She purrs every time you stroke her, and absolutely loves being stroked on her head. She does also enjoy some alone time as she's an independent kitty, so would benefit from a bed in a quiet area that she can retreat to if she wants to.

She is well behaved and quite sensible, but can sometimes be jumped/spooked by loud noises or the vacuum cleaner! She doesn't love being picked up but will tolerate it - letting you know that she'd like to be put back down with a meow.

She is curious and adventurous, so a home with another young kitty and/or a cat-proofed garden would be beneficial. 


Malou & tilly

15 & 6 years old / female / indoor

Tilly, the younger one of the pair, is very friendly and loves to follow her humans around while meowing behind them. She enjoys a night time frolic and playing with her feathery toy.


Malou is very independent and sweet, while keeping an eye on Tilly. She often sits on laps and purrs while making eye contact with her big beautiful eyes.


The two get along well, except for an occasional hiss from Malou if she’s in a mood! They both love to be around humans, but get on fine if they have to be left alone during the day.

Milo 4 Image 2022-08-06 at 10.28.12 PM.jpeg
Milo 4 Image 2022-08-06 at 10.26.37 PM.jpeg

Milo (4)

1 year / male / indoor

Milo is a lively and curious boy who loves snuggles just as much as he likes playing. He likes being groomed and having scritches, especially under his chin. Milo’s favourite toy is a bird that makes a sound when he touches it, which is particularly good for him as he can’t see very well; this doesn’t seem to slow him down though! He would benefit from a home with lots of space where he can run around, but would struggle outdoors because of his visual problems. He also likes lots of attention so would suit a home where someone is around most of the day.


Milo has had some issues with cystitis which needs monitoring. He has special food and medication to manage this which we have had no issues giving to him - Milo is a boy who likes his food! He would make a wonderful addition to a home with space where he can zoom around and an adopter who likes to play! He may enjoy a home with another young kitty.

Christina Image 2022-08-21 at 9.56.22 AM (5).jpeg
Christina Image 2022-08-21 at 9.56.22 AM (4).jpeg


female / indoor

Christina is a sassy, independent, long-haired Persian queen, and she won’t admit how much she loves being around her humans. While she absolutely loves people, she likes to be close but not touched. She likes to lie on windowsills in the evenings, and sleep on the bed or sofa during the day.

She's calm and gentle, and is the best poop-burier you'll ever know! She loves to chase flies and occasionally chases string, but otherwise isn’t really interested in playing.

She cries when left alone for too long, so she'd like a home where people are around for most of the day. She'd be best suited to a quiet, adult-only home, with no other pets.

Christina has had some medical issues with her liver and is currently on daily medication. She requires someone patient (and ideally experienced) to give her daily medication and groom her (clean eyes twice a day, brush coat etc) as she doesn't enjoy it so will try and hide.

Joaquin Image 2022-06-30 at 1.33.33 PM.jpeg
Joaquin Image 2022-06-30 at 1.34.24 PM.jpeg


5 months / male / indoor

Joaquin is a playful 5 month old kitty with the best energy! He is a joy to be around, and spends his time playing with string toys, and his favourite, the laser pointer. He will curl up on your lap for a cuddle occasionally, but only on his terms when he’s tired out from playtime. Joaquin uses the litter tray like a perfect gentleman and never makes a mess.


He’s a super sweet kitty and we think would get along well with another kitten or young cat that can match his high energy. Joaquin will bring loads of joy to the perfect home and would keep the household lively and fun!

Aaron and Tulip Image 2022-09-17 at 12.11.08 PM.jpeg

aaron & tulip

5 months / male & female

These two are loving, fluffy little goofballs. They love attention and will purr very loudly when they get it! Aaron will even greet you at the door, nudge you and stand up on his back legs to say hello! Tulip can be shy at first, but once she feels confident she will rub against your legs and curl up next to you for a nap.

They both love to play - their faves are the laser pen or playing hide-and-seek in their tunnel - and love to climb their scratching post and find the highest spot in the house. They're both learning and growing in confidence every day.

They're long-haired, so will need brushing regularly.

Their tummies are sensitive, so new food and treats will need to be introduced gradually.



3 years / male / indoor

Omar is a very playful, adventurous boy once he’s settled into a home. It took him some time to come out of his shell, but he became a little lovebug once trust was built up with his foster parents. He isn't a lap cat, but loves to be close by and sit next to you. He will often come up to you and meow for fuss - chin and head scratches are his favourite! He needs lots of entertainment and he especially loves his flippity fish and rattle mice. He is also quite partial to catnip!


Omar does enjoy time on his own (for example, he loves to occupy the sofa) but also likes a bit of company throughout the day, so we think that someone working hybrid would be a perfect fit. He enjoys being indoors as he appreciates soft furnishings and comfort but he would be happiest with a well cat-proofed catio. He would settle best into a quiet household as he can be a bit skittish around sudden movements. He would not be suitable for a household with children as he does tend to swipe and let you know when he has had enough strokes.

Jinx-Shengela Image 2022-08-02 at 2.22.51 PM.jpeg
Kikiand kittens Image 2022-08-02 at 2.25.29 PM.jpeg

Jinx & Shangela

3 months / female & male / indoor


Jinx and Shangela are two peas in a pod. They love playing games and snuggling up together. Shangela is the slightly more confident of the pair and is always up for exploring. Jinx is normally found in her hammock but can be tempted out when the fun and games get going. They are both confident and friendly cats. Jinx had some tummy troubles but is on the mend.

Nugget Image 2022-09-16 at 6.33.01 PM.jpeg
Nugget Image 2022-09-16 at 6.33.03 PM (1).jpeg


3 months / male / indoor


Nugget is a playful and charming young cat. He came to his fosterers alone, to be socialised with other kittens. Very quickly, he got stuck in and learned to be a sociable little kitty. He loves running around and playing with his foster siblings! Nugget is a super cuddly kitty and he likes to snuggle with both humans and other cats.

Due to his age and social nature, he would be best placed in a home with another kitten or young cat looking for a playmate.

Dart-Dash Image 2022-09-08 at 11.49.42 AM (1).jpeg
Dart-Dash Image 2022-09-08 at 11.49.42 AM.jpeg

Dart & Dash

7 months / males


D&D are two handsome brothers, who need adopters that can spend a lot of time with them as they are energetic, smart boys who need to be kept stimulated. Ideally someone who has a hybrid working schedule, or works from home. As they are still young and very energetic they can get over excited and give love bites, so their adopters need to be consistent in saying no and replacing hands with toys. For this reason, they are looking for a home without children.

They are great companions and will even come and curl up on your lap or close by to take a nap! They do let you pick them up so they are good with being handled. They love to play fetch and enjoy interacting with their fosterers. They are two very adorable kittens who are very smart! Their current fosterers are having a great time giving them puzzles to solve!

Dart is the more confident of the two but Dash comes out of his shell the more he is around people. They are very food-motivated so will be easily trained with treats! Their adopters will need to be careful not to give in and over-feed them.

They would suit a home with plenty of space to run around, or with a cat-proofed outdoor area.

Adopting with L.I.C.K

We will review applications on a cat by cat basis (as they are ready to be adopted), in the order that they came in and we will prioritise the best match for each kitty. Therefore, it is quite difficult to provide timelines. Please ensure you review all the points above as these will be covered in the interview.

The adoptions team will reach out for an initial interview if a potential match is found, if the interview goes well, we will put you in touch with the fosterer so you can meet the kitty. We try to make this process as speedy as we can, as we don’t want to lose potential adopters for the kitty. Please note that this step is currently done via a video call.

After this, please let us know if you wish to adopt the kitty. We sometimes have multiple people wanting the same kitty, so we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

We will then arrange the transfer and will do a home check (this can be done via video) . Once this is approved, you will have to sign an adoption form. We will change the chip ownership transfer and the kitty is officially part of your family! :)  

If for any reason you are unhappy with the kitty, we will take them back.

The Adoption Donation for a kitty is £80.00 or £150.00 for a pair. All donations go towards veterinary care for our kitties. All other costs are paid by fosterers, trustees and volunteers out of their own pockets.

If you are residing in a congestion zone, we kindly as that you help pay for the congestion charge.