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Please consider the following before applying to adopt:

We will communicate via email, so make sure to check your SPAM or 'Promotions' folder in your email for any communication from us. You will receive an email to confirm we have received your application once submitted. 

We are an INDOOR first cat rescue and we DON'T rehome single kittens.

Out of consideration to our very small volunteer teams it is important that you read the points below carefully before submitting an ADOPTION APPLICATION form:

  • Thoroughly read our guide for newly adopted kitties to have realistic expectations of the responsibility of owning a kitty.

  • Please familiarise yourself with our FAQs to learn more about the adoption process and our response times.

  • For kittens, we adopt in pairs of kittens and in the second instance, those who already have a young cat. Kittens homed on their own risk having behavioural issues when they grow up like bitting and scratching. 

  • The most applications we get are for kittens, so please be aware that we might not get to you, let us know in your application if you would consider other types of cats as well.

  • Be sure that you are ready to adopt and do not apply on whim out of consideration to our very small adoptions volunteering team.

  • Think if you are ready for a commitment of looking after a kitty for many years to come (including during their senior years), cats can live 16+ years.

  • Make sure you have permission in writing on your rental or lease to have pets before applying.

  • Only submit one application, if you wish to update it, message us via Instagram, Facebook or email and let us know which kitty you like.

  • Ensure you have specified what kitties you are interested in, including your previous experience so we can get a sense of you and your home to try to find the best fit.

  • We are an indoor first rescue.  Cats should be kept indoors at all times (unless you have a catio or cat proofed garden) join this group for ideas, please read our FAQs for more information. We will require all cats to be cat proofed. This applies to kittens as well.

  • We will prioritise applicants that do not have a cat or have 1 cat. If you 2 or more cats, we will only consider your application for cats who may be considered for a 'difficult to adopt' kitty.

  • Terms apply to all adoption applications. 

  • Please keep in mind that we will not be able to provide vaccinations at this time.

We have received hundreds of applications so we won't be able to get back to everyone individually, please read our FAQs to familiarise yourself with our process.

Kitties for adoption

Please note that most ages are approximations as we don't always have the kitty's medical history. If a cat is no longer on this page it means that the kitty has been adopted or could have temporarily been removed. This page is the most up-to-date place for the cats we have up for adoption.



3 years / female / indoor or outdoor (cat proofed)

Pamela was rescued as a stray just over a year ago and has come on leaps and bounds since then. She is well litter trained and doesn’t seem to bite or scratch. If she’s in the right mood she will let you brush her but will definitely let you know when she’s done.


Pamela likes to hide away and you could sometimes go a little while without seeing her, however with time and encouragement she is becoming more trusting of humans. She needs to go to a very calm and patient home that will allow her space to become more confident.

She has lived for the past year with her son Claude, but we think she would benefit from being re-homed by herself so she can develop trust better and receive the attention of her adopters when needed.


She is always present at meal times and will also be around to greet you when you come home. She is a big fan of dreamies as a treat, and she will sometimes eye up your sandwich hoping for a bite! She is still tentative about being touched, but we have not given up hope that she may be willing to accept pets one day.


Pamela likes warm sheltered spots in the house. Her favourites are under the bed, and in her enclosed bed. You will sometimes find her on top of a sofa or bed, but she will mostly settle somewhere more hidden when people are moving about.


🏠 She needs a home that is willing to give her the time and space to grow in confidence.

Daisy-Pumpkin- Image 2023-01-16 at 13.16.57 (2).jpeg
Daisy-Pumpkin- Image 2023-01-16 at 13.16.57 (1).jpeg

Pumpkin & Daisy

3 years / male & female / indoor or outdoor (cat proofed)

Pumpkin and Daisy were very timid when they came to us and it took a little while for them to develop trust. In a new environment, they will hide at first, but with patience and a gentle approach, they will start to venture out.


Daisy is more confident than Pumpkin and she is also very talkative - which may take some time for humans to get used to her constant chatter. She can be heard talking to Pumpkin all through the night, she has quite the singing voice!


Pumpkin is the more wary of the two. He likes to hide during the day and wardrobes are his favourite place. He will hiss as a warning if he feels threatened but he is very slowly coming round to accepting trust from humans. He will venture into the same room as his fosterer now, and he is becoming much more confident.


Their progress has been slow but they have come a long way. They are now looking for a patient home that will be able to give them plenty of time and perseverance, giving them the chance to continue growing in confidence.


Daisy and Pumpkin absolutely love other kitties and will play with them happily. However, they don't like to be stroked or cuddled by humans (yet). Daisy can be handled in a blanket if needed for vet trips etc. She gets very stressed with handling but will cope if needed. Daisy and Pumpkin can sit near you but will bolt if you move. Their favourite toys to play with their humans is the feather toys. They also like to explore around the living room while their fosterer talks to them. 


🐱Pumpkin and Daisy can go to a multi-cat household (preferred) and we welcome applicants with a kitty already.

🏠Daisy and Pumpkin are looking for an indoor/cat proofed home where they can feel safe, warm and loved (even if it might be with a bit of distance).

🛋️Pumpkin and Daisy may never be lap cats but we still believe they deserve a safe place to call home. They are beautiful companions on their own terms.



3 years / male / indoor or outdoor (cat proofed)

Kyro is a very sweet kitty who is beginning to form a great bond with his fosterers. Most of the time he keeps to himself but if he’s in the mood for cuddles, he will come and approach you for them. He’s a very affectionate boy and will (adorably) greet you at the door when you return home. He has also picked up a habit of following his fosterers around the house to make sure they’re okay!

Kyro is a hungry boy and will try to eat all kinds of food left accessible to him, so he will need a home with a closing door to the kitchen, as well as a careful and attentive adopter can ensure he doesn't eat any human food - as it can be toxic. He also will sometimes attack feet for no particular reason, so he will need an adopter that is patient and able to encourage positive behavioural changes.

He is looking for a home without children and with previous experience dealing with behavioural issues in kitties. Kyro has had a few health issues in the past but after a few negative tests and scans, his health seems to have improved on its own. Despite this, he may still require an insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.

Shadow 2 - Image 2023-01-22 at 13.25.58 (3).jpeg
Shadow 2 - Image 2023-01-08 at 09.02_edited.png


5 years / male / indoor

Shadow is a confident and affectionate boy who really likes to play. Shadow by name and by nature, he settled in right away with the fosterer and now follows them everywhere around the house. He’s very talkative and might meow, purr or chirp if he wants to play, he’s hungry or just wants to say hi.


He sleeps a lot during the day, but his cat attitude comes out in the morning and after dinner, where he loves to play catch the (toy) mouse and hide & seek. He’s quite clever and will enjoy puzzle toys and balls, anything that keeps him busy. A big foodie like all cats, he enjoys both wet and dry meals. He also has a taste for human food – so keep an eye out or you could be left without dinner.


He loves his scratching post, exploring and climbing, so he would benefit from having a cat tree in his new home. He’s bold and not afraid of loud noises like hairdryers or vacuum cleaners.


Once he gets to know you, he will sit next to you for head scratches, or he might also sit on your lap sometimes. He can get overexcited when playing and nibble at your hands, but he just needs to be ignored and will quickly calm himself down. Shadow is really sweet and affectionate and is sure to give his new family lots of love.

Clio-Pluto Image 2022-11-30 at 09.52.15 (2).jpeg
Clio-Pluto Image 2022-11-30 at 09.52.14.jpeg

Comet & cocoa

2 years / females / outdoor (cat proofed)

Comet (tabby) and Cocoa (tortoiseshell) are two sisters who have been well looked after by their current owner who is looking to rehome them due to changes in life circumstances.

Cocoa is a sensitive soul, she needs her own space but is quite inquisitive, and if you are chilling out quietly in the evening she will occasionally come over for pets and a cuddle. She loves playing with her soft mouse toy.

Comet is a bit of a diva. She cannot sit still for more than a few minutes and loves a fuss after she has come in from outdoor adventures or after you've come back into the house from being out. She is quite chatty and will meow at you if there is anything she wants.

They are not massively attached to each other but do like to have the occasional play session chasing each other around or play fighting.

Both are fairly independent and are not lap cats. They like to nap in the same room as you sometimes but are mostly very happy doing their own thing and would be content to be left alone for longer periods. They will not over-eat so you can leave food out for them all day while you are out. They like to have free reign of the house and will scratch and meow if there are closed doors in their way.

In their previous home, both enjoyed going outside to have adventures in the garden. 
Comet in particular needs outdoor access - including at night - and will cry if she is shut inside. Cocoa is more adaptable and seems to be enjoying the comforts of indoor life since we have moved house.



2 years / female / indoor

Hetty is a sweet and affectionate little house panther. She came to us as a stray, but we believe she has had a former home because of how friendly she is! She loves head rubs and strokes, and likes to sit near her humans. We didn’t initially consider her to be a lap cat, but she has started to lie down on her fosterers chests and it’s looking like she’ll become more cuddly with time. More than anything in the world, Hetty loves to climb - be that a bookcase, wardrobe or human!


She loves to play and will request pick ups by reaching her front paws out. She always plays very politely and never uses her claws or bites. She has no issues with her litter tray, grooms herself well, and eats just about anything! We think she would thrive with a family with school age kids.

Photo 24-09-2022, 10 44 04 (2).jpg
Photo 24-09-2022, 10 44 05 (4)_edited.jpg


3 years / male / indoor

Dexter is an initially timid but ultimately very affectionate boy. He takes a while to get used to new people, would quieter home, without kids.

He is food obsessed, and is improving as he gets comfortable, but owners should expect him to be a little demanding when it comes to feeding - he has a voracious appetite and will expect more food even after he's had a full meal (no food or dirty dishes can be left out!) The good news is that he is very food motivated, so will quickly bond with whoever feeds him.

Dexter has chronic kidney disease, which is not affecting his health at the moment, but means he requires additional care, and likely additional pet insurance considerations. Because of his kidney disease he is on a strict diet, and he requires a regular fresh supply of water, along with a lot of litter and regularly cleaned litter box, since he drinks and pees much more than healthy cats. He is currently taking a daily medication pill to support his kidneys, which he happily eats along with his breakfast meal.

Once he gets used to people, he is very sweet natured, so he seems well socialised despite his timidness. He will start to show an interest in toys once he's comfortable with his humans, and even better if it's a food toy!

After eating, his favourite thing to do is jump up on to the sofa for lots of scritches and cuddles, to watch some TV, and nap next to his human. He is definitely on his way to becoming a lap cat.

Ancho and Pickle Image 2023-01-08 at 10.14.53.jpeg
Ancho and Pickle Image 2023-01-08 at 10.

ancho & pickle

1.3 years & 6 months / males / indoor

Ancho (black and white kitty) was formerly a spicy cat who needed to be socialized, but he’s now warmed up to his fosterers and will roll over for tummy rubs. He adores sitting on the bed with his humans watching cat TV, and his favorite game is chasing treats. Ancho knows his name and will run when he’s called. He loves the company of other feline friends and has found a new bestie in little Pickle! 


Pickle (black kitty) is extremely active and loves to play all day, requiring high-energy games to tire him out. When he gets sleepy, he loves to cuddle on laps and get some chin scratches. Pickle is a greedy boy and will eat his big brother’s food if he can get away with it. Please note that he has had an allergic reaction to flea treatment.


These precious boys are looking to be adopted together. Ancho requires a patient forever home where he can be given the time and space he needs to fully adjust to his new surroundings and humans, and it will take a while before he is comfortable getting petted. When he’s ready he will come and sit close by for attention and will happily be stroked when he’s relaxed. He’s looking for a quiet home with no children – until he’s comfortable he will be spooked by loud noises, deep voices and sudden movements. Pickle will be ready to play and snuggle almost immediately, and he will help Ancho settle in! Both cats will play together during the day, chirping to one another, and they like to sleep cuddled up with their fosterers on the bed at night. They are both excellent at using a shared litter tray. Together they will be a wonderful addition a loving new home!

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-03 at 5.05.08 PM.jpeg
Jock Image 2022-11-17 at 6.10.46 PM (1).jpeg


8 years / male / indoor or outdoor (cat proofed)

Jock is a beautiful cat, who we think is 8 years old. It's hard to tell as we don't know much about his past, just that he lived for 6 months in someone's garden and his fur was so matted that when he was rescued he had to be completely shaved.

Because of his traumas, he still has some resistance to humans. You will have to be patient and understand human, as they will rarely let you touch him. If you approach him, he may get a little nervous and try to pat you. When he is afraid, he may also hide under the furniture to feel safe.
When he is eating, he prefers to be left quiet and not disturbed.

This beautiful boy also has a playful side (as long as you don't get too close). Don't worry, he will find a way to go out while you are in the living room to play with toys. He loves to sleep long and dribbles when he naps. He also snores and/or breathes a lot when in deep sleep.

Jock likes being the only cat in the house and freedom to roam and to come forward when he feels like it for food and some attention. Therefore, a quiet home that is outside London or a spacious home with humans to help him try to come out of his shell a little more would be ideal.

Mimi-Momo Image 2022-11-20 at 10.15.52 AM.jpeg
Mimi-Momo Image 2022-11-20 at 10.15.52 AM (1).jpeg


4 months old / females / indoor

Apple and Pear are an energetic and cute pair of inseparable kittens. They are kind and affectionate. Especially if they see you in bed, they’d be jumping in for cuddles and pets. They both love to cuddle with each other and play fight occasionally.

Apple is brave, energetic and always starts purring the moment she gets a tiny pet on her head.
Pear is slightly shy but will follow Apple’s lead and be just as affectionate.

They will thrive in a loving space and be able to get into a routine. They love to play with each other and love human cuddles and attention just as much.

Heather-Hopper- Image 2022-11-22 at 11.39.38 AM.jpeg
Heather-Hopper- Image 2022-11-22 at 11.39.40 AM (1).jpeg

heather & hopper

10 years-ish / male & female / indoor or outdoor (cat proofed)

Heather and Hopper are a heavily bonded pair of cats, looking for their forever home. They came to us after having been reported to be living inside a dumped sofa in a cul-de-sac.

Heather is a complete love machine who loves humans and cuddles. Hopper will take time to open up but Heather helps him immensely in that regard. Both cats love play time and will happily chase the laser and catnip kickers for hours.

Heather and Hopper will do okay being left alone for certain hours in the day but Heather really does enjoy human company and Hopper is slowly opening up. He allows touch but does not necessarily enjoy it, yet. Both cats love meal time and will vocally ask to be fed!

To see more of these two at their foster home, visit their foster's instagram here.

Photo 25-09-2022, 12 01 10.jpg
Photo 25-09-2022, 12 01 10 (4).jpg


10 months / male & female / indoor

Maxi is a playful and affectionate little guy who knows how to make himself understood! He loves his food and will make sure you know when he’s hungry. He knows when it’s meal time and will make sure you know too! Rexi is a smart little lady, she can be shy at first but is oh so friendly once she gets to know you. She is tiny for her age but super fast on her feet. She has a sweet, inquisitive, playful nature and is extremely affectionate and loves a cuddle.

They adore each other and spend most of the day play fighting and exploring together - in between regular naps. They love playing with their older foster kitty sister too, and also with toys with their fosters - laser pointers, rod toys, balls of string - you name it, they love it!

They are great with kids, love lots of attention, ear scratches and belly rubs, and love to sleep on your bed at night if you’ll have them!

They have sensitive tummies after being unwell as newborns, so will need to be kept on a specialised diet. They will need a home experienced with tummy issues to provide them with the support they require.



10 months / female / indoor

Lolly is a lovely and affection little kitty. She loves a good cuddle, as well as finding cosy places to snuggle up. Her adoptive family will be in her good books if they can provide plenty of soft blankets and napping spots for her.


As well as being cuddly, she is very curious and loves to explore her home and see what’s going on. She is super playful and enjoys her toy mouse and rattling balls the most. Her perfect home will have a mix of open space for her to zoom about with her toys, as well as little nooks for her to curl up in. 


Lolly has been around an 8 month old baby and behaved perfectly well. She is absolutely fine interacting with other people, however she will wander off and do her own thing when she has had enough. She is litter trained and has no current or recent medical concerns.

Jeremy-new- Image 2022-10-10 at 11.14.30 AM (1).jpeg
Jeremy-new- Image 2022-10-10 at 11.14.28 AM.jpeg


1 year / male / outdoor (cat proofed)

Jeremy is a very curious and loving kitty with the fluffiest tail! He's settled really well in his foster home after being found in a heap of rubbish beside the A12. When he first arrived in foster care, he spent most of the days sleeping as an over-hang of having to be constantly alert previously. Now he loves staying close to and sleeping near his special human and likes lots of cuddles , but doesn’t enjoy being disturbed and he likes to receive attention on his own terms (he’s not a lap cat but loves a purring session on your pillow!).

His favourite place to lie is on the windowsill on a blanket so he can birdwatch all day. He loves his toys and scratchers, especially those that hang from doors or sticks (toys with feathers and bells are his favourite) and loves his regular zoomies!

He’s a very active and inquisitive cat so would benefit from a cat-proofed garden where he can explore and play with his hunting skills. Jeremy would like a home with another young kitty ❤️

Adopting with L.I.C.K

We will review applications on a cat by cat basis (as they are ready to be adopted), in the order that they came in and we will prioritise the best match for each kitty. Therefore, it is quite difficult to provide timelines. Please ensure you review all the points above as these will be covered in the interview.

The adoptions team will reach out for an initial interview if a potential match is found, if the interview goes well, we will put you in touch with the fosterer so you can meet the kitty. We try to make this process as speedy as we can, as we don’t want to lose potential adopters for the kitty. Please note that this step is currently done via a video call.

After this, please let us know if you wish to adopt the kitty. We sometimes have multiple people wanting the same kitty, so we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

We will then arrange the transfer and will do a home check (this can be done via video) . Once this is approved, you will have to sign an adoption form. We will change the chip ownership transfer and the kitty is officially part of your family! :)  

If for any reason you are unhappy with the kitty, we will take them back.

The Adoption Donation for a kitty is £80.00 or £150.00 for a pair. All donations go towards veterinary care for our kitties. All other costs are paid by fosterers, trustees and volunteers out of their own pockets.

If you are residing in a congestion zone, we kindly as that you help pay for the congestion charge.

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