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Our feline friends need your helP


How can my donation help?

100% of donations go towards medical expenses, specialty medical food, medicine and on a few occasions is used for food and litter. All of our other running costs are covered by our incredible volunteer team & trustees. Donations can be made in the form of monetary gifts, supplies, or fundraising efforts.

£5 Defleeing Treatment

£10 Deworming Treatment

£20 Microchip

£30 Health Check and Consultation

£40 FIV Test

£45 Neutering (avg male and female)

£80 Monthly Injection for joint Pain

£175 Blood Test (avg)

£390 Dental Surgery (avg)

Meet some of ouR rescue kitties needing medical treatment

How we help

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How You can help

There are countless ways you can help us here at London Inner City Kitties. You can make a donation (however big or small), help us fundraise, volunteer your time or home as a foster parent.

Raise funds

Raise Funds

Help us save the lives of our feline friends by doing your own fundraising. Whatever your passion, your help will allow us to fund life-saving care for our kitties in need. Every donation big or small help us allow us to do our work and care for all our cats and kittens.


Let us know what you plan to do, or check out our list of fundraising ideas for inspiration!

All donations are used to help the cats.

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