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100% Donations go to medical bills

How can you help?

L.I.C.K is a volunteer run charity, no one gets paid!

Every donation big or small help us allow us to do our work and care for all our cats and kittens. 

All donations go towards medical costs.

  • RAISE FUNDS by organising a bake sale or sell handicrafts on Etsy

Our Cat Rescue Stories


Shh Family

We were called about a mum and three kittens living in bushes and rubbish in a back garden. We could only get the mum Shonda and Shelley at first, but we went back 2 more days to get the two other kittens. They were feral at the start and did not trust people, so their fosterer had to work on socialising them by hand-feeding, petting them only when they were asleep, etc. 


Once they were more comfortable being played with and handled, they all went to their new homes. Shelley went to a home with another cat. Shep and Sheldon went to a home together. As for Shonda, who was still feral and hated being indoors, we re-homed her through another charity to be adopted as a farm cat. They helped her to be re-homed to an out-of-city home so that she could live outdoors while staying safe and happy!



Teddy came to us from PDSA after he was found after an accident where he hurt his leg which had to be amputated. We took care of him during his recovery in 2 great foster homes where gained confidence hopping around on his three legs until we found him a suitable adopter. He also had some health issues that we were able to help with due to the donations from our supporters!


Eventually, he was adopted into a home with a secure garden where he could explore without being hurt. He is now doing great as a safe outdoor kitty and settling into his new family!


Mushroom Kittens

Mum Button and her babies were found living in a garden and needed medical attention & TLC. They stayed at a foster home until they were able to be adopted. Their veterinary needs and socialisation was taken care of by the fosterer and our team using funding we received as donations! Once they were grown enough, all of the kittens went to their homes except for Noki, so Button and Noki went to another foster home. 


They waited patiently to be matched with their perfect homes, and once they were, they got adopted together and are now living together very happily! 

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