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  • ORGANISE a bake sale, concert, gaming event or raffle.

  • Apply to TAKE IN 2 or more feral cats as furry vermin controllers if you live on a farm or at a stable.

  • ENGAGE with our posts on social media and encourage your friends and family to donate.

  • CREATE a fundraiser on Facebook, Instagram or Wonderful to help us raise funds for vet bills (no fees)

  • SHARE photos of your adopted or foster cats on social media and ask friends and family to donate this will help us rescue more kitties. You can use this example.


  • START a CORPORATE fundraiser with your colleagues. You can create your own corporate fundraising page through Just Giving (includes a small commission), Wonderful (no commission) this option can also be done for non-corporate) or Tiltify (for streaming).

  • DONATE unused clothing (good quality/condition) through and choose us as a charity, they will donate the funds to us once the clothes sell.

  • PROMOTE and DONATE through Benevity at your workplace, if your employer offers the service, they might also match donations.

  • OFFER YOUR SKILL - please find the available roles below.


London Inner City Kitties is a no-kill charity in East London established to rescue and protect kitties in need. We are a non-profit charity, run entirely by a small team of dedicated volunteers. Our aim is to ensure that every inner city kitty has a safe and loving forever home, that no cats are abandoned and receive medical treatment that they need. Our trustees cover the running costs to ensure that all the donations go to medical treatment for the kitties. 

Please note that we operate through a network of fosterers, therefore, we don't have a physical facility or adoption centre.

We are looking for highly skilled individuals that are committed to work extra hours alongside their personal responsibilities with a minimum commitment of 1 year. We also welcome individual efforts to help fundraise for us as one-off or regular fundraising efforts.

We will reach out as roles become available via email, please keep an eye on your SPAM folder.

Open positions

Kitty driver (volunteer)

The L.I.C.K. driver team is a vital part of our work. You will help picking up kitties from their foster homes and driving them to their vet appointments on time and safely. You require a valid drivers licence and vehicle which you can transport cats in safely.


Our Kitty Driver role would suit you if you:

  • Love cats, are passionate about animal welfare, and would like to connect with like-minded people.

  • Have first hand experience with cats, getting them into carriers, and are not scared of difficult kitties.

  • Are looking for a long term, varied and flexible volunteering role.

  • Able to commit to 6-8 hours per week for a minimum of 6 months.

  • You are able to help with weekday morning pick-ups and drop-offs at the vet (located in E13) or an afternoon pick-up and delivery.

  • You are available at least 2 days a week for periods of 2-3 hours each day. Our busiest days are Monday, Tuesday, and Saturdays, but occasionally emergency vet visits are required.

  • Preferably have adopted or fostered with us and are familiar with the work we do here at LICK.

  • You are passionate about kitties safety and getting them ready for adoption.

  • You are familiar with cat welfare and the proper care of cats.

  • You can be located in the East, North or South of London but are comfortable driving to E13 where our vet is located.

  • [Optional] You are interested in growing your responsibilities, and are open to do house safety checks once you gain more knowledge and experience.


What we ask of you:

  • Are self sufficient.

  • Comfortable working in and adapting to a dynamic, highly changing environment.

  • Follow our guidelines for cat safety measures and our covid safety guidelines.

  • Raise any concerns if you notice issues that could impact cat safety and well-being (e.g., around plants, windows, and doors).

  • Communicate regularly with the team through WhatsApp groups.

  • Ensure the wellbeing and safety of the cat.


What we offer in return:

  • Gain experience in working in a non-profit charity, as well as develop an understanding of the inner workings of a charity.

  • Day to day involvement in meaningful work that has a positive impact in cat welfare.

  • Network with a team of highly motivated, experienced individuals working in different business fields.

  • A chance to gain more responsibility and impact in our day to day operations.

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