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Albert, Lucy and Lila




  • TAKE IN 2 or more feral cats as furry vermin controllers if you live on a farm or at a stable.

  • ENGAGE with our posts on social media and encourage your friends and family to donate.

  • CREATE a fundraiser on Facebook to help us raise funds for vet bills.

  • SHARE photos of your adopted or foster cats on social media and ask friends and family to donate this will help us rescue more kitties. You can use this example.

  • OFFER YOUR SKILL - please find the available roles below.


London Inner City Kitties is a no-kill charity in East London established to rescue and protect kitties in need. We are a non-profit charity, run entirely by a small team of dedicated volunteers. Our aim is to ensure that every inner city kitty has a safe and loving forever home, that no cats are abandoned and receive medical treatment that they need. Our trustees cover the running costs to ensure that all the donations go to medical treatment for the kitties. 

Open positions

L.I.C.K Kitty Ambassadors (voluntary)

L.I.C.K Ambassadors are a network of volunteers and supporters. They are the faces of our charity within their communities and support us by raising awareness, organising events and helping to fundraise on our behalf.


Our community ambassador role would suit you if you:

  • Love cats and would like to connect with likeminded people

  • Enjoy fundraising and community focused social events

  • Have strong communication and organisational skills 

  • Are looking for a long term, varied and flexible volunteering role

  • Able to commit to 2-3 hours per week to raise funds for us for at least 6 months

  • Are passionate about engaging with your community

  • Preferably have adopted or fostered with us and you are familiar with the work we do at LICK


What we offer in return:

  • Network with other like minded volunteers based in London

  • Gain experience in fundraising for a non-profit charity, as well as develop an understanding of the interworks of a charity

  • Day to day involvement in meaningful work that has a positive impact in cat welfare and your local community

  • Network with a team of highly motivated volunteers that care about animal welfare