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Love cats but can't offer a forever home?

Become a foster family! 


As L.I.C.K does not own a shelter, we rely on foster families to provide a safe space for stray or abandoned cats whilst we find them a permanent home. If you are an inner city cat lover, but can’t currently offer a kitty a forever home, then fostering would be perfect for you!

Your mission

The fosterer provides food, litter and most importantly, love.

L.I.C.K's mission

L.I.C.K. pays for and organises any needed veterinary care.  

Pet Hotel

When you go on holiday, L.I.C.K. can take the kitty if needed

Please consider the following before applying:

  • We ask that fosterers provide food, litter and love for the cat.

  • Some of our rescues have had difficult lives. The fosterer may have to be patient with their foster kitty until they regain their confidence, and in some cases, the fosterer will need to play a vital role in helping socialise them.

  • The cat is not permitted to go outside and we insist on precautions around windows, balconies, etc to prevent the cat from getting lost or injured.

  • When a fosterer goes on holiday, if there isn’t a friendly neighbour to feed the cat, the charity takes him/her back while the fosterer is away.

  • The cat could be adopted in two weeks or he/she could be with the fosterer for several months. If for any reason the fosterer wants to end the fostering arrangement, we take the cat back immediately.

  • We are currently only able to foster to the current areas: E1, E2, E3, E5, E7, E8, E9, E10, E13, E14, E15, E16, E17, E18, E20, SE16, N1, N5 & N7 but can make exceptions for special cases (cats that need long term fostering, socialising or with behaviour issues). If you are not in these postcodes or close to them, we might not be able to foster to you at the moment. However, our friends at Cole and friends cover a much larger area, so if you are outside of our area please get in touch with them on 

  • We are unable to foster to you if you already have other cats or dogs.

  • Please let us know about your experience and details about what you would be able to help with. We are sometimes in great need of fosterers who are able to administer difficult medicines, including insulin shots. Please specify this in your application if you are able to help with these cases.

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