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Meet Natusan – cat lovers and waste haters. They make 100% natural and long lasting litter from by-products of sustainable forestry. Not only does this mean a lower impact on the environment, but they also plant a tree for every order made with their partners at Ecologi.

The folks over at Natusan made it their mission to create a long lasting, sustainable litter, which would reduce litter waste, all whilst being lightweight and odour trapping… what more could you want?!


40% better odour control: Natusan compared ammonia levels while using Natusan to 14 other natural clumping litters.

Use less, save more: Satisfyingly tight clumps trap odour and can be removed in one quick scoop. These efficient clumps mean you could use 65% less than other litters.

Less cleaning: Weekly changes are a thing of the past, you can go a full month without a full tray change with Natusan.

For every purchase of Natusan made using our exclusive code - LICK5 - Natusan will donate £10 to London Inner City Kitties! SHOP NOW at and enter LICK5 when prompted at checkout.

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