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Now that the sun is (finally) out, it seems like a good time to remind cat owners that, just like humans, their cats are sensitive to the sun. Swipe for some tips on keeping your kitties cool, comfy and safe this summer.

Cats can get serious sun damage through their fur, and burns and cancer can occur - especially if they have pale ears or noses.

Poor Christophe lost his ears to skin cancer, and while it was the best option for him, this kind of eventuality is preventable.

Here are some tips to keep your kitties cool, comfy and safe this summer!

1: Sunscreen! Apply some cat-safe sunscreen to ears, noses, and anywhere else that might catch the sun. (Talk to your vet about sunscreen made specifically for cats - human sunscreen may be toxic if licked!)

2: Shade! Make sure that there’s adequate shade in your house and garden - even leaving a box out for a shady nap-spot in will help.

3: Water! Make sure there is a good supply of fresh water around your house and garden - wide shallow bowls are the easiest on sensitive whiskers.

4: Keep an eye out! Signs of sun-damage include dark lesions that don’t heal, usually on the ears and/or nose. These can migrate to other areas of the face and become ulcerated. If you spot these symptoms on your cat, call your vet immediately! HOWEVER, these signs can take years to show in cats with sun damage, so it’s important to take measures to prevent the damage before it occurs!

From all of us at London Inner City Kitties, have a lovely summer, and stay safe!

How Can You Help Us?

L.I.C.K is a volunteer run charity, no one gets paid!

Every donation big or small allow us to do our work and care for all our cats and kittens.

All donations go towards medical costs.


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